Being as how the site is only a week old, there’s not much news. The backstory of started in late May 2013. The webmaster, Jan Jacobs (Managing Editor of The Hook magazine from July 1989 through March 2012), in past years posted a Memorial Day piece on Facebook and linked to a Youthly Puresome article that was published on The Tailhook Association’s website. The article was entitled “Keeper of the Flame” and was a tribute to fallen Naval Aviators of wars past. In fact, Youthly’s from 1996 through 2007 were on the Tailhook site along with selected articles from those issues. Sometime in early 2013, the site was given a makeover (honestly, it does look better now), but in the makeover, all but the last four or so issues were purged. All the original Youthlys resided on the computer of Jan Jacobs in his home in Western Wyoming. Using the original artwork and words, a two-page facsimile of the original Keeper of the Flame was re-created and posted on Jan’s website ( so as to link to on Facebook. A few e-mails flew back and forth from Western Wyoming to the Northern New Mexico abode of Jack Woodul (aka Youthly Puresome) and . . . well one thing led to another, and was born.