A-4 Skyhawks

Click on links below the pictures to read to Youthly Puresome stories about flying A-4 Skyhawks in combat in the late 1960s. Each story is in pdf format and will open in a new window. When you’re finished reading one, close the window and you’re ready to read the next one.

VA-86 Sidewinders on board USS Independence (CVA-62) in WestPac, 1965.
A deeply philosophical stateroom discussion.
A deeply philosophical stateroom discussion.
Youthly in a VA-86 A-4E.
His Salltiness, LT Puresome as a RAG instructor.
VA-86 A-4E Skyhawks. Art by David Tipps.http://davidtipps.com
Youthly Puresome, Yankee Air Pirate in his mighty Skyhawk, circa mid-60s.
VA-86 Sidewinders A-4E Skyhawks in the Mediterranean, mid-'60s.
VA-86 Sidewinders A-4E Skyhawks near Mt. Fuji, Japan, 1965.

The Great Firepower Frabup

 Happy Trails to You


Buffalo Bill

 Beaver Sinks the Royal Philippine Navy